Capital: Bangkok - 曼谷, Bangkok
Currency: Baht(THB)
Population: 67,448,120 (Yr 2013) - [Ranking: 20]
Area(km2): 513,120.00 (198,116.00 sq miles) - [Ranking: 51]
Telephone Code: 66
Continent: Asia
Thai, English
Some things about the country Edit
Thailand Thailand (formerly known as Siam), with Myanmar (Burma) to its north, Lao to its north east, Cambodia to its east, India to its west (across the Bay of Bengal) and Malaysia to its south, is a South Asian country situated in the Indochina peninsula. The country is a constitutional monarchy. Its Royal family is well respected and honoured by all Thais; insults of any form to their King and his family will be punished by its law. Though Thailand has gone thru couple coups in the last couple decades, the Royal family was never challenged and the country is quite stable politically. While Buddhism is the national religion for Thailand, 90% of its population is Buddhist, the country does respect all faiths. Thailand, with the popular broadway musical classic “The King and I”, should not be a stranger to anyone. Being a stable country in tropical area, with its rich culture and natural resources, Thailand has been known as a haven for tourists and retirees from all around the world for many years. Some of the favorite places for tourists are: Pattaya & Phuket, for beach parties and water sport; Chiang Mai. for its mountain scenes and cultural entertainment; and Bangkok, for its cultural sightseeing like temples, Palace, shopping and partying at downtown Patpong. Useful Thai Phases: It is always courteous to end each sentence with a Krub or Ka. While man would end his sentence with “Krub”, woman would end her sentence with “Ka”. Greetings. Sawad Dee (Krub/Ka) Good morning. Sawad Dee Don Chao or Arum Sawad (Krub/Ka) Good Night. La Dee Sawad (Krub/Ka) Good Bye. La Gon (Krub/Ka) How are you? Sabai Dee Mai (Krub/Ka) I am fine. Sabai Dee (Krub/Ka) Thank you. Ka Poon (Krub/Ka)