Singapore - 新加坡
Capital: Singapore - 新加坡, NOT BEING USED
Currency: Dollar(SGD)
Population: 5,312,400 (Yr 2012) - [Ranking: 117]
Area(km2): 710.00 (274.00 sq miles) - [Ranking: 195]
Telephone Code: 65
Continent: Asia
Mandarin (official), English (official), Malay (official), Hokkien, Cantonese
Some things about the country Edit
Singapore Singapore (means Lion City), with Malaysia to its North and Indonesia to its south, is one of the Four Tigers, in terms of economic growth and one of the two main Financial Centers, in Asia. With majority of its population, 5 million, being Chinese and it being a member of British Commonwealth, English and Chinese, among the four official languages, are being used the most in the country. Comparing to its neighborhood countries, i.e. Malaysia, Thailand & Indonesia, Singapore does not have lots of natural tourist attraction, i.e. beaches, hill countries or rain forests; tourism, however, forms an important part of its economy. Believe it or not, one of the main attractions for tourists is its city planning. It is being labeled as the cleanest city in Asia. In 2005, Singaporean government suspended its ban against gambling business in the country and allowed 2 casinos to be developed to attract more tourists. Being a multicultural country, Singapore provides a haven for fine dining of various ethnic cuisines, e.g. Chinese, Indian, Malay, western, etc. There are many fancy pubs and cafes throughout the island that offer great relaxing venues and beverages to its visitors. Clarke Quay, which is by the water, has some of the best diners and pubs in the city. It, particularly with its fancy lightings in the evening, is a must-to-go place for the visitors of this country.