China - 中國
Capital: Beijing - 北京市, Beijing Shi - 北京市
Currency: Yuan Renminbi(CNY)
Population: 1,339,724,852 (Yr 2010) - [Ranking: 1]
Area(km2): 9,706,961.00 (1,000,000.00 sq miles) - [Ranking: 4]
Telephone Code: 86
Continent: Asia
Simplified Chinese, Putonghua (Mandarin)
Some things about the country Edit
China China, officially called the People’s Republic of China (PRC), is the world’s most populated country, with population more than 1.3 billion. It has 22 provinces, 5 autonomous regions (Uyghur, Mongol, Tibetan, Hui and Zhuang), 4 direct controlled municipalities (Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin & Chongqing), and 2 self-governing Special Administrative Regions (Hong Kong & Macau) China, a country with approx. 5000 years of history, had gone through many monarchies and dynasties. In 1911, its last dynasty, Qing, was overthrown by Republic of China. In 1949, after the Chinese Civil War, the Chinese Communist Party took over the mainland China and established the People’s Republic of China. The Republic of China, ruled by the nationalist Kuomintang, resettled its country in Taiwan. In 1978, Deng Xiaoping introduced “economic Reforms”, China opened many channels for foreign investors and tourism. Since then, China has become the fastest-growing economy in the world. With many magnificent natural sceneries and its 5000 years of culture, China is one of the most favorite countries for tourism. There are many tourist attractions throughout the country, e.g. the Great Wall (one of the Seven Wonders of the world), Pandas, Forbidden City, Terracotta Army, to name a few. China is a country for many different ethnic groups. As the result of this, there are many styles in Chinese cuisine. The most famous styles are Sichuan, Shanghai and Cantonese. Hotpot dining is also popular throughout China. Genuine Sichuan cuisine can be very spicy; only the brave adventurers should take up the challenge for this kind of spicy dining.